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This ugly Pinoy whore from Bulacan wants to claim Sabah

Ugly Whore

I have no real idea who she is. But apparently she is an extreme nationalist, backward-thinking Pinoy who enjoys trolling Malaysians on Twitter and enjoys insulting them because we Malaysians stood our ground and cited clearly strong facts in favour of Sabah remaining in Malaysia. Since I was one of the more vocal proponents, she apparently took a dislike to me and started searching for anything she could find to place dirt on yours truly. All she managed to find was the so-called, imaginary “porn network” lie that the DP resident idiots Mia and Robber Jones were repeating for eons.

This lie has of course been refuted by myself a long time ago. Perhaps she came across it but ignored the evidence? That certainly sounds like something a Pinoy would do, of course.


One might want to ask why is this northern Pinoy bitch from Bulacan, Philippines talking about “Islamic principles” when it is quite obvious that she is a Christian who definitely has no idea what they are? She is also holding a dog in an intimate manner too, an animal generally considered unclean in Islam and Muslims would eschew doing something like this. How is it “Islamic” then to be holding a dog in her skimpy attire and yet at the same time tells me to shut up because apparently I own those imaginary porn sites that she is accusing me of?

As it so happens: two can play the same game, ugly whore.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say this again: Pinoys are very much the same in attitude with their counterparts in Indonesia: backward-thinking and are extremely nationalistic without a real cause for doing so. Not surprisingly, of course, since Philippines is essentially a backwater state in ASEAN.