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Being thankful to Allah SWT

Essentially, this is what I think is wrong with the murtadd apostates / atheists who reject God and His Existence. They have forgotten bounties that He has provided to them, to the extent that they rebel against Him. One particular murtadd I came across actually questioned why he was even born on this earth when he did not ask for it!

Well, to such people, all I can do is shake my head and realise that it is the existence of such people that strengthens my faith in Islam and harden my resolve to wage war against them and their kufr.

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Atheism in not too many words

I sometimes find it ironic that atheists generally diss all religions as “a belief” when they themselves also hold onto a “belief”, i.e. the belief that there is no God. They will try to argue against that, of course, but nobody has provided any conclusive evidence that God does not exist, and I don’t expect anyone to be able to do so at all.