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Predecessors to Sepak Takraw

Let us now compare these traditional sports in the SEA region side-by-side, recognised as the predecessors to the modern sport of Sepak Takraw.

SIPA TAKYAN (Philippines)

SEPAK RAGA (Malaysia)

CHINLONE (Myanmar)

SIPAK RAGO (Indonesia)

All of the above have evolved into this:

Anyone who tries to deny this and wants any of the predecessor sports to be contested as a separate event at a regional tournament are literally out of their minds :mrgreen:

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Harimau Muda won their group match against Indonesia

By all accounts, the match was meaningless as both teams are already through to the semi-finals of SEA Games football. But because there were a lot of goading and insults being hurled at Malaysia by fanatical Indonesian supporters (whom I endearingly refer to as “Indogs”), this 1 – 0 victory over Indonesia was very, very sweet. The whole stadium was practically so silent when that goal was scored that I’ll bet that you can even hear a pin drop. Furthermore, the match was played at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, which is on Indonesia’s home ground.

It was a beautiful, well-struck goal from Syahrul Azwari Ibrahim, most certainly an upcoming star in the U-23 squad. He has a very good pace and skillful dribbling. He will certainly be a huge asset to the senior squad in the coming years.

Now we have to worry about facing Myanmar in the semis….and I really, really hope that if Malaysia goes through, we will meet Vietnam in the final. I don’t think I can stomach any of the insults these sore loser Indogs hurl against Malaysia.