Terrorism has a new face

Meet Alexandre Bissonnette, Canadian white male and murderer-terrorist suspect responsible for 6 people who died in a shooting at a Quebec mosque. But then again, I can hear the Islamophobes already screaming otherwise. See here and here (in French) for the context.

Jews kissing the Western Wall

Some ignorant Christian missionaries and Islamophobes have been spreading the lie that Muslims “worship” the Ka’abah simply because they kiss the Hajr al-Aswad (the Black Stone) during the pilgrimage ritual of the Hajj. The answer to this polemic is that Muslims kiss the Black Stone simply because the Prophet SAWS did the same during the […]

Robber Jones is pissed and gave me a red

Hahahahaha….when I saw this red-rep comment from a known Islamophobe on Digital Point Forums, I ROTFL-ed. His resistance is pretty much futile, IMHO (considering the fact that I have 1,723 green points). It will take aeons for him to whittle down that number.