How it feels through Google Glass

מצא קונה רכבים לפירוק Google Glass is going to be the next great leap of technology and after watching the video, I am excited already. Unfortunately the final product would probably not be out for many, many months but who cares? This is something great to look forward to. Check out the video where Timothy Jordan gave developers at SXSW in Austin, TX a sneak peek at the Google Mirror API, which is what they’ll use to build services for Glass.

I will use Google before asking dumb questions

This is quite applicable to a lot of people I know, including those disgusting Islamophobes who sometimes ask the most silliest of questions in order to bash Islam. Unfortunately for them, such questions are almost always answered on many Islamic websites, including sites dedicated to Islamic Q&A. I am usually able to answer these questions […]

Google’s ranking algorithm

A pie-chart denoting the components of Google’s ranking algorithm, taken from a popular webmasters forum which I shall not mention here. It’s interesting to see how Google has changed their algorithm to adapt to the ever-changing world of the internet and the web. I expect them to only further improve and innovate their algorithm in […]