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Predecessors to Sepak Takraw

Let us now compare these traditional sports in the SEA region side-by-side, recognised as the predecessors to the modern sport of Sepak Takraw.

SIPA TAKYAN (Philippines)

SEPAK RAGA (Malaysia)

CHINLONE (Myanmar)

SIPAK RAGO (Indonesia)

All of the above have evolved into this:

Anyone who tries to deny this and wants any of the predecessor sports to be contested as a separate event at a regional tournament are literally out of their minds :mrgreen:

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Indon adalah Indon dan Indon tetaplah Indon

Want proof? Here you go.





It amuses me to no end when some hypersensitive Indons think that this is some sort of racial or national slur and then go off the bend by insulting my country. In reality, “Indon” is a colloquial term commonly used for INDON-esia. There is no slander or slur attached to this abbreviated word. Just as Malaysians call British citizens “Brits”, Australians as “Aussies”, Bangladeshis as “Banglas”, why should there be an exception to the Indons, huh?

Funny that the whole world knows what Indon actually mean, except for the Indonesians themselves. Well, if you don’t like being called Indons, then change the name of your country to something else, like “Majapahit”, maybe? Perhaps we will then start calling you people “Majaps” as an abbreviation :mrgreen: