Terrorism has a new face

Meet Alexandre Bissonnette, Canadian white male and murderer-terrorist suspect responsible for 6 people who died in a shooting at a Quebec mosque. But then again, I can hear the Islamophobes already screaming otherwise. See here and here (in French) for the context.

How I had the best science project with high end chemicals

Every year we have a science fair at my college, and every year I get beat out by someone just a little bit smarter than me. I wasn’t going to let that happen this year. I decided to buy research chemicals with 99% purity and roll with whatever they dished out. I ended up greating […]

Muslim homestay in Penang most wanted

As you can now see, we have the ideal Muslim homestay in Penang and you should not take a gander at anybody past us. We meet the greater part of the qualities that we clarified previously. You will have an agreeable time well here. You will be with the right individuals who are of high good character. You will feel welcomed and like one of the family