I Was Concerned About Lighting, and It Was a Falling Tree That Almost Got Me

I like to sit out on our porch during thunderstorms when it is nice and warm outside. I watch the lightning and listen to the thunder roll. I am not wandering around in the yard during the storm, I am under a roof on a porch that is pretty big. The only time I go inside is if the wind is driving the rain toward me. I had to call a company that does tree pruning in Nassau County to come out and remove part of a tree that had fallen on our fence during a storm. It was raining and thundering one day while I was out on the porch. It was not really windy, but there were a couple of pretty hefty gusts. The second one blew the top of a tall tree over onto our fence.

It was not lightning that got it, even though there was a loud crack. The sound was just the tree snapping. I have seen lighting hit close and know what that sounds like. The tree blew over because of the wind gust and flattened our chainlink fence on that side. It was over a grand to fix the fence, and it did not cost much more than that to put up the entire fence when we first got it. The section of tree was not huge, but it sure flattened that fence like it was not even there. I am glad it did not hit the porch roof that I was under.

Here I am out there watching thunderstorms all the time thinking about the slight risk of lightning, and a tree almost gets me! I had the company that does tree pruning in Nassau County remove the fallen section and cut down the rest of the tree. I also had them prune the other trees in our yard and take the tall ones out. I did not want a repeat of what happened to our fence happening to the house or one of our vehicles in the driveway. We also have a boat and shed in the yard that needed to be protected from falling branches or toppling trees.

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