How I had the best science project with high end chemicals

How I had the best science project with high end chemicals

Every year we have a science fair at my college, and every year I get beat out by someone just a little bit smarter than me. I wasn’t going to let that happen this year. I decided to buy research chemicals with 99% purity and roll with whatever they dished out. I ended up greating the most awesome volcano and ended up with first prize at the fair.

It was a good thing I am a great chemistry student or it could have been very dangerous. My teachers were so impressed with my project, especially my ability to replicate such a volcano at such a level. I wish I had done this before, but it’s not that easy to find research chemicals of this purity, and even harder to get them if you don’t have a degree. My teacher was kind enough to help me get the stuff I needed to make the best project I have ever been able to pull off. 

People in my school will remember me for what I did, at least the science students will. They took pictures and video of my presentation so that they could share them each year to get other students excited about the science fair and maybe try to one up my presentation. I know they probably will, because every year students get smarter and smarter, but I can at least hold the title of best science project to ever grace our school building for a little while. I can’t wait until next year, to see what kind of projects the other students can bring to the table.

I have more faith in myself for being able to pull this off, and have more faith in my school and the students because I know that there are some really smart students in our school that could pull some pull off some fantastic projects.

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