Christian Calgary Convention Centre in Bukit Jalil

Christian Calgary Convention Centre in Bukit Jalil

This was my response to a murtad who alleges that Muslims are “intolerant” of other faiths because they oppose the construction of an obviously missiology building, right in the middle of Kuala Lumpur 🙄 His claims are in italics and my reply is in normal font. I am reposting it here for future reference, as I plan to deal with the issue explicitly on Suara Malaysia. The English may be off the mark somewhat, because I wrote it on impulse and no thanks to the wife, I couldn’t check the grammar before posting.

“Naivety or not, the function of a church is similar to that of a mosque”: When I say “church” here, I refer to the organised structure of Christian missiology, and not necessarily to the place of Christian worship. This may be used interchangeably according to context.

“If Islam claims to allow freedom of religion, why should there be restrictions in this aspect?”: There are already more than enough churches in and around Kuala Lumpur. There is no need for an obviously missiology “church” to be planted smack-bang in the middle of Bukit Jalil. How many Christians are there living in Bukit Jalil anyway? The need for the space? Besides, the purpose of the convention centre (and it’s not simply just a church, as you try to downplay its significance) is clearly for missionary work, their website is very blatant about that.

“Why should there even be a question concerning the size?”: Of course there should be questions about its size because this country has laws. One cannot simply build a mosque in the middle of a non-Muslim community, anymore than one can build a church in the middle of a Muslim community. So again, what is the need for a huge “Christian” convention centre with a clearly Christian missiology purpose to be build in the middle of Bukit Jalil? And that too, in a Muslim-majority nation? Wouldn’t Singapore be a better option if the intentions are sincere?

“You’re just being jealous that the Christians are capable of funding such a project”: Red herring argument. This is irrelevant, and has nothing to do with the issue at hand.

“I sometimes wonder whether you’re Malaysian as well, simply because you do not hold the necessary ideal a Malaysian should have”: So you believe that churches can be build in the middle of a Hindu community? Or that a Chinese temple can be build in a Christian-majority area? Seems that you are simply picking on the Muslims because you have a axe to grind and think this is an opportunity for you to claim that Islam is intolerant, violent and repulsive. It is not because of any “Malaysian” sentiment that you may claim you have a stake to.

“The interest of a Muslim should be upholding values exalted….”: Suddenly you are trying to become an expert on Islam and want to teach the Muslim how to behave according to your (misguided) viewpoint? Because this is clearly a missiology building, there is nothing altruistic in its intentions. It is clearly a convention centre for Christian missionaries with the aim of Christian missionary work for the Muslims in the country and this region, as per their “Windows 10/40” plan and within the scope of the global “Joshua Project” as noted in

Obviously you are oblivious to all this because you have this warped mentality that Islam is evil and other religions are not. However that does not give you the right going around bitching nonsense like “Islam is not a religion of peace and tolerance”, just because Muslims are opposed to this convention centre (not “church”) which has a missiology purpose. Not to mention that such a convention centre is totally unneeded, especially a “Christian” one. If the Christians want to rent a convention space so badly, they can rent Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil for that purpose, or even Putrajaya Convention Centre and the KL Convention Centre for the same purpose. There’s no need to build a “Christian” convention centre if there are no ulterior motives behind this, right?

“A true Muslim would think like you because this is what Islam is all about… a fake Muslim….”: There’s no such thing as a “true” or a “fake” Muslim. One is either a Muslim or he is not, period. And it is quite clear to me which one you are.

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  1. Aiyah don’t be lame lah.

    Missiology or not. Don’t tell me when Muslims build mosques in Christian societies there is no hint of missiological purpose. The pastor of this church already say they arent proselytising to Muslims.

    If u recall the Muslims in Germany wanted to build a mega mosque in Cologne. That sparked off a big row. In the end they got their permission to build. The Christians also supported them.

    Be magnanimous; live and let live.

    1. The pastor can say anything he wants but everyone knows that Christianity is a missionary religion. The size of the convention centre is disproportionate to the actual number of Christians in Bukit Jalil or even Kuala Lumpur (how many Christians are really affiliated with the Calvary Church?). It is obvious that the intention is to proselytise to the Muslims here. We are not stupid. Muslims are not stupid!

  2. @menj

    Proselytise then proselytise lor. Muslims do that all the time also what, celebrating all their new reverts from other religions. Mat salleh convert to Islam – yay! Islam is as missionary as Christianity is.

    Let people do what they want and choose what religion they want to be. Or if they don’t want to believe in anything oso can la. Chill out and you’ll be happier that way.

  3. Why can’t there be a level playing field in Muslim countries? In the West, people can build what they want, generally. Sure, there are objections sometimes, but by and large, things get built by most religions.

    Why reject anything “because it is not Muslim”? Why not use authenticity to examine and challenge the claims of the Christian Bible, rather than rejecting it simply because it is Christian. That is traditionalism, nationalism, racism and just plain herd mentality.

    But then again, most people have herd mentality … and it seems to them a good way to live.

    Most people don’t regard themselves as part of the “unthinking majority”.

    e.g. the New Testament records the history of Jesus being crucified and resurrected from the dead. Islam disagrees. So what are you trying to hide from by refusing to review the historical Roman records and writings of historians.

    Are you content to remain Muslim because you were born that way – or are you Muslim because you are studied Islam and other religions, and after consideration have decided that your path of faith is the best one for you? Or are you contented to be in a religion that forbids that.

    If you married a woman, and she cannot leave you, then you really don’t know if she is voluntarily choosing to love you.

    Because a wife is able to leave you – but she does not – you know she loves and chooses to stay with you.

    If you think that Calvary built the church SOLELY for missiology, I think you need to look in the mirror and see a person who has been fooled by propaganda. Propaganda works because society has a majority of simple people who fall for such things. Even university-educated people can be simple thinking people. If you ever went to university, you would realise that is true. Yes, missiology is an important part of the gospel, but people don’t build churches SOLELY for that reason. That is part, but not the sole reason.

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