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These Indogs were recently seen attempting to DDOS my Bahasa Melayu blog. Fortunately for me, they seriously underestimated my technical expertise in dealing with such problems. I was defaced by a Moroccan hacker in the past, so since then I had already taken steps to harden the security for all of my WordPress blogs. And that effort paid off when these Indon kiddie scripters failed to actually make even a dent on my blog. Oh yes, they could claim bragging rights for downing my blog for several hours…but after I discovered their attempts and pointed the blog to CloudFlare, the problem was already solved and the Indogs already knew that they have lost :mrgreen:

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    1. Dude, before you even attempt to start cursing and swearing in English on an English blog, please go back to school and learn some proper grammar. Do they teach English or just intelligible oinking in your SMAs? :mrgreen:

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