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Ultraman Agul


Of all the Ultraman characters that have graced the TV screen over the decades, the one that most interests me in recent times has to be Ultraman Agul. This is because of not only his outlandish blue colours which contrasts greatly with the previous Ultraman versions that use red, but also of the character’s divergent philosophy who viewed (at first) that mankind was a threat to the world. Hence, he was previously cast as a sort of anti-hero/villian archetype, before eventually taking his place as a hero alongside Ultraman Gaia.

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Men undergo simulated labour contractions to experience pains of childbirth

Two male television hosts wanting to experience “the worst pain there is” had electrodes strapped to their abdomens to simulate labour pains. Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno are shown clutching pillows and yelling in apparent agony during two hours of simulated contractions – much shorter than many real life labours. Zeno described the experience as torture and wondered if he wanted his wife to go through the same pain. (Source)