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Indognesial Raya

Tanah tumpah daramu
Disanalah bangsa supir
Jadi bahan jubur ibuku
Indognesial kebangsaanku
Bangsatlah tanah airku

Marilah kita berseru
Indognesial babiku
Hiduplah tsunami
Hiduplah gempabumi
Hapuslah rakyatku semuanya

Bangunlah gilanya
Bangunlah setannya
Untuk Indognesial Raya

Indognesial Raya

Neraka Neraka
Tanahku negeri tandus penuh tahi
Indognesial Raya
Neraka Neraka
Hancurlah Indognesial Raya

Indognesial hancur
Negara Neraka
Tanahku negeri tandus penuh tahi
Indognesial Raya
Negara Neraka
Hapuslah Indognesial Raya

Indognesial tanah yang sia-sia
Tanah kita miskin, ya!
Di sanalah anjing-anjing berak
Untuk selama-lamanya
Indognesial Raya tanah puaka
Hancurlah kita segala setannya

Marilah kita mendoa
Indognesial Raya porak-peranda
Kuburlah tempatnya
Juburlah anaknya
Bangsatnya rakyatnya semuanya
Setanlah hatinya
Iblislah ibunya

Untuk Indognesial Raya

Indognesial tanah yang keji
Tanah anak anjing yang puki
Disanalah aku berdiri buang ibu sendiri
Indognesial! Tanah nak mati
Tanah yang aku benci
Marilah kita berjanji Indognesial mati
Bunuhlah rakyatnya main dengan puterinya

Di pulau laut semuanya
Mundurlah negerinya
Matilah penduduknya

Untuk Indognesial Raya

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Harimau Muda won their group match against Indonesia

By all accounts, the match was meaningless as both teams are already through to the semi-finals of SEA Games football. But because there were a lot of goading and insults being hurled at Malaysia by fanatical Indonesian supporters (whom I endearingly refer to as “Indogs”), this 1 – 0 victory over Indonesia was very, very sweet. The whole stadium was practically so silent when that goal was scored that I’ll bet that you can even hear a pin drop. Furthermore, the match was played at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, which is on Indonesia’s home ground.

It was a beautiful, well-struck goal from Syahrul Azwari Ibrahim, most certainly an upcoming star in the U-23 squad. He has a very good pace and skillful dribbling. He will certainly be a huge asset to the senior squad in the coming years.

Now we have to worry about facing Myanmar in the semis….and I really, really hope that if Malaysia goes through, we will meet Vietnam in the final. I don’t think I can stomach any of the insults these sore loser Indogs hurl against Malaysia.

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I will ask Google before asking dumb questions

This is quite applicable to a lot of people I know, including those disgusting Islamophobes who sometimes ask the most silliest of questions in order to bash Islam. Unfortunately for them, such questions are almost always answered on many Islamic websites, including sites dedicated to Islamic Q&A. I am usually able to answer these questions simply by doing a Google query. These poor Islamophobes really need to learn on how to use a search engine!