Wiping the smirk off an Indog’s face

It always gives me great pleasure to see the Indogs cringe whenever Malaysia has an upper hand over them. FT: Frenz United Malaysia A 5 Frenz United Indonesia 1 Frenz United Malaysia A will now play against Chonburi FC in the finals.

So much for 2014, FAM!

FAM is certainly as much as a failure now as it was back then. The above news report is dated July 30th, 1999 from the NST.

Indonesia Itu Anjing

Lee Min-Hu is a motherfucking idiot babi referee!

The game could have gone either way. But because of a ridiculously biased judgement call from the Korean referee Lee Min-Hu, the game went to…guess who, Thailand’s. With 10 Malaysians against 11 Thai players + the referee, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out who would win the match. Malaysia went down gallantly to […]

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