Borderlinx wants to become a moral police!

As a US forwarder, it is not the responsibility of a forwarding company like Borderlinx or any other company to decide what materials they can arbitrarily deem as “contravening” their TOC simply because they view it as too “obscene and pornographic”. So after complaining on how they treated my Periodic Table of Sex poster (which […]

The Architect: Ergo, Concordently, Vis-à-Vis

LOL, this has to be the funniest MTV Awards video that I’ve ever seen. Starring Will Ferrell as The Architect from The Matrix saga.

Keep calm and….

These Indogs were recently seen attempting to DDOS my Bahasa Melayu blog. Fortunately for me, they seriously underestimated my technical expertise in dealing with such problems. I was defaced by a Moroccan hacker in the past, so since then I had already taken steps to harden the security for all of my WordPress blogs. And […]

Indon yang mahu merumput

Seriously, this left me in giggles and pretty much convinced me that Bahasa Melayu of the Indonesian variant is certainly very regionalised. So don’t blame me if this image pops up in my mind whenever I see the word “merumput” being used in Indonesian media

Indon adalah Indon dan Indon tetaplah Indon

Want proof? Here you go. It amuses me to no end when some hypersensitive Indons think that this is some sort of racial or national slur and then go off the bend by insulting my country. In reality, “Indon” is a colloquial term commonly used for INDON-esia. There is no slander or slur attached to […]

Cerita fiksi 999 tahun Malaysia masih dijajah Britain

MENGAPA INDOGS MENCANANGKAN CERITA FIKSI 999 TAHUN MALAYSIA MASIH DIJAJAH BRITAIN? Di dalam cerita mitos Jawa, nombor 999 itu adalah petanda membawa tuah bagi mereka. Maka dengan mereka-reka cerita “999 tahun” ini, Indogs beranggapan bahawa mereka akan dapat mendapat tuah daripada kejayaan Malaysia yang telah maju berdekad selepas Merdeka. Maka sekiranya anda dijaja dengan cerita […]

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