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J. J. Abrams meets Darth Vader

…in a very hillarious musical. J. J. Abrams was recently announced as the new director for Star Wars Episode VII.

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Bed Intruder Song

“Bed Intruder Song” from The Gregory Brothers. Definitely some funny shite going on here.

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Robber Jones is pissed and gave me a red

Hahahahaha….when I saw this red-rep comment from a known Islamophobe on Digital Point Forums, I ROTFL-ed. His resistance is pretty much futile, IMHO (considering the fact that I have 1,723 green points). It will take aeons for him to whittle down that number.

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The Amazing Spider-Man trailer

“The Amazing Spider-Man” hits theaters July 3, but until then get a better look at Spidey, Gwen Stacy, the Lizard and more in this new trailer!