The reason why the word “banci” is not an insult in BM

Kind of useless for Indons to scream “banci, banci!” at us Malaysians. The word has a totally non-offensive meaning in Bahasa Melayu, LMAO and ROTFL.

Iron Man Dio armour

I really like the colour scheme of the Iron Man Dio armour, so much so that I am thinking of getting a web design made based on its colours (blue, silver, white). I think it will turn out splendidly for a web directory design I have in mind.

Husam Stark?

Yep, I agree. Close enough!

The Sun: Romantic Death

I find this official music video from The Sun’s “Romantic Death” tantalizing…not simply just because of the music, but also because of the la petite mort shown by the people in the video. It does fit the lyrics very well, though: Close your eyes Kiss my lips I’ll put my hands on your hips And […]

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