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Mourn for MH17, Pray for Gaza


It is truly a black day.

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Golden Ball winner is not a German


This, of course, vindicates my position that the Germans are lousy players individually. It was just by a stroke of sheer luck that they have won the World Cup trophy in this edition. A list of Golden Ball winners, past and present, can be viewed here.

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And the massacre of Gaza citizens continue

Allahu mansour-il Islam wal mujahideen fil-Filastin!

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Germany may have won the World Cup, but they are still a SHIT team


They won through a solitary goal which was purely based on luck, and their Nazi fans think they are the greatest football squad on the face of this planet. Sorry Nazi boys, but I am not fooled….not even for one second. A shit team is still a shitty team, even if they have won the trophy through sheer luck!