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Indonesia Itu Anjing

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Oppa Gangnam Style

At the time of this posting, this video has been viewed 989,008,627 times. Probably the highest number of views on YouTube thus far in recent memory.

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Lee Min-Hu is a motherfucking idiot babi referee!

The game could have gone either way. But because of a ridiculously biased judgement call from the Korean referee Lee Min-Hu, the game went to…guess who, Thailand’s.

With 10 Malaysians against 11 Thai players + the referee, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out who would win the match. Malaysia went down gallantly to the Thais 0 – 2 after the red card was given.

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Semi-final second leg against the Thais

So the boys are now in Bangkok and the Thais want to play dirty games with us? You would think that since they considered themselves above the rest in ASEAN football, they would show more confidence and sportsmanship and not result to dirty tricks and psychological warfares like what you can see in the photo above.