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Why Malaysia can’t provide “free education”? Here’s a clue

You would think that Malaysia, being ten times larger (and certainly more richer) than war-torn Sri Lanka, would at least make it possible for students who deserve it to obtain free education until the tertiary level. Instead, all sorts of excuses are being made to deny this possible, with the most infantile reason of them all being that it will lead the country to “bankruptcy”. The only people who will be bankrupt by the abolishment of PTPTN loans are the capitalists with their flood-load of private colleges and institutions, not to mention the exorbitant fees that needs to be paid by the student to fund their studies.

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Kote keling

For some reason that I am unable to understand, this fruit is called “kote keling”, which would sound very vulgar if I were to translate it literally.

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Mob of 40 attacking students at Dataran Merdeka

This is obviously orchestrated by UMNO gangsters. Their time is almost up and the clock is ticking. Soon they will lose power and they will be wiped off this planet, insha’allah.

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Maksud Nama Muawiyah Rayyan

Very interesting to note that my son’s name is listed in this website of Muslim names. I didn’t think it would be possible. It also gives the meaning of the names from the Arabic, as well as a further description of the name by acronym.

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