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The real face of racist Singapurapura

Hurling insults at a football player of African origin with such endearing epithets such as “monkey” and “nigger” says a lot about the attitude of these sore losers.

Sore losers then, sore losers now, and sore losers forever. That is Singapurapura for you!

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Let’s see if this works

I am in the process of adding all blogs affiliated with the Ibn Juferi brand to a WordPress consolidation service called ManageWP. If this turns out to work as well as I think it should, I will certainly make it a permanent feature for my blogging activities. Now I have no excuse to update all my personal blogs with the Ibn Juferi brand at one go.

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Indogs got beaten 0 – 10 by Bahrain

What a really embarrassing defeat for that nation of losers. This serves as a lesson for those thugs who could never stop disparaging another nation.