How I had the best science project with high end chemicals

Every year we have a science fair at my college, and every year I get beat out by someone just a little bit smarter than me. I wasn’t going to let that happen this year. I decided to buy research chemicals with 99% purity and roll with whatever they dished out. I ended up greating the most awesome volcano and ended up with first prize at the fair.

It was a good thing I am a great chemistry student or it could have been very dangerous. My teachers were so impressed with my project, especially my ability to replicate such a volcano at such a level. I wish I had done this before, but it’s not that easy to find research chemicals of this purity, and even harder to get them if you don’t have a degree. My teacher was kind enough to help me get the stuff I needed to make the best project I have ever been able to pull off.

People in my school will remember me for what I did, at least the science students will. They took pictures and video of my presentation so that they could share them each year to get other students excited about the science fair and maybe try to one up my presentation. I know they probably will, because every year students get smarter and smarter, but I can at least hold the title of best science project to ever grace our school building for a little while. I can’t wait until next year, to see what kind of projects the other students can bring to the table.

I have more faith in myself for being able to pull this off, and have more faith in my school and the students because I know that there are some really smart students in our school that could pull some pull off some fantastic projects.

Muslim homestay in Penang most wanted

Muslim Homestay in Penang

What do you truly need in a Muslim homestay in Penang? Actually is something that fluctuates from individual to individual. Everyone is searching for something a tad bit diverse. We don’t all fancied the same things yet there are a couple of widespread things that a Muslim homestay in Penang ought to have. The primary thing it ought to have our kin that are good and who are great individuals. The homestay ought to be perfect and welcoming. You ought to feel sheltered and secure in the area. You ought to have an inclination that it is much similar to home. The general population ought to be decent and you ought to make brisk companions. Things ought to be taken care of professionally and there ought to be awesome client administration. Affability is critical and you ought to expect that. When you pick the privilege homestay, you will get everything that we have said above. These are things that any homestay that you consider ought to give. Read more…

Breast enhancement in a month


Even though I have always wanted to have bigger breasts, I resisted all of the ways to get them. I did not want to have surgery at all, and I refused to take anything that would cause me to have adverse side effects as a result. While I did want to have a bigger bosom, I was not willing to sacrifice my health or well being in any way to attain that. When I stumbled upon after looking at a forum posting, I got pretty excited for a few different reasons.

The main reason is because it is a supplement as well as a cream involved. The ingredients in both are all natural, which is a huge plus for me. The first thing I did was look at the ingredients list for both, and I was very happy with what I saw. I then read a bit about the science behind it, because I wanted to make sure that this was a legitimate answer and not a wild goose chase. I had spent years doing that with other products, which is why I have such high standards for just about anything now. Read more…

Jews kissing the Western Wall

Some ignorant Christian missionaries and Islamophobes have been spreading the lie that Muslims “worship” the Ka’abah simply because they kiss the Hajr al-Aswad (the Black Stone) during the pilgrimage ritual of the Hajj. The answer to this polemic is that Muslims kiss the Black Stone simply because the Prophet SAWS did the same during the performance of his Hajj.

In addition, we suggest that these Christian polemicists should look into their own Judeo-Christian tradition, where the Jews kiss the Western Wall during their visit to Jerusalem.




If Christians find the kissing of the Black Stone as “problematic”, they should not be hypocrites by not condemning the Jews who perform the very same practice with regard to the Western Wall.

CPU build chart from FirdTech


Useful CPU build chart which determines whether your computer build is for daily use, low-end, mid-end, high-end or at workstation level.

Pissing off JDT fans because I like it

Seems to be a favourite past time of mine these days…..




For a club that only began to exist in 2012 and makes a habit of stealing players from other states, its “fans” sure have a large ego. So it makes absolutely sense to bring them down to earth when the opportunity arises.

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